2020 Ramp Up winners announced!

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2020 Ramp Up Winners

LTS is happy to announce the winners of the prize drawing for the LTS Ramp Up! Over 65% of all first year and transfer students completed the Ramp Up and qualified for the prize drawings.

The LTS Ramp Up is an online tutorial introducing students to Library and Technology Services (LTS), helping them to “ramp up” for the fall semester by learning about LTS’ technology and library services.

The winners of Amazon gift cards in the following amounts are:

$100 Joey Frith
$100 Aisha Toure
$50 Chris Gerazounis
$50 Treil Wimberly
$25 Megha Dania
$25 Kirsten Sjoberg
$20  Kaleb Borkowski
$20 Tony Shi

Thumbs up for Ramp Up!

“The LTS Ramp Up was incredibly thorough in describing basic computer use and how the library services function at Lehigh. The instruction on searching and finding articles was particularly useful.” -- Joey Frith

“Something I learned that was very useful was how to use Cisco to vpn in and use LU Apps.” -- Chris Gerazounis

“I learned how to properly use and take advantage of the vast resources that Lehigh offers its students for a successful, seamless education experience.” -- Aisha Toure

Congratulations to these students, who not only won prizes but also learned about important LTS services before arriving on campus!