3 more Cisco voice mail tips!

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Most Lehigh faculty and staff have transitioned to Cisco Unified Communications and received their new Cisco phones. In our December newsletter, we highlighted three top tips for making efficient use of voicemail. Here are a few more!

How to restore saved messages as new, move them to deleted messages, or keep them as saved messages.  

Log into your voice mailbox, then:

  1. Listen for the prompt Review Old Messages.
  2. Press 1 for Saved messages. 
  3. Listen to the message you want to move.
  4. Press 6 to mark it new.
  5. Press 2 if you want to keep it as a Saved message or press 3 if you want to move it to Deleted messages.


How to skip or rewind a message

To skip or play the next message, press ## while listening to a message.

To rewind, press 7.


How to pause/resume while you are recording a message

Press 8 to pause/resume while you are recording a message.




Your Cisco voice messages are delivered two ways: the traditional method, in your voice mailbox, and as attachments to email messages. 

You still need to delete messages by dialing into your voice mailbox. Deleting the email does not cover both.  

You can opt to receive voice mail only in your voice mailbox, or only as attachments to email.  To make this change, or with any other questions about your new Cisco phone or voice mail, please contact Debbie Henritzy at (610) 758-5007 or Lizanne Hurst at (610) 758-5014.