8th annual Harvest of Ideas celebrates Lehigh faculty authors

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2019 Harvest of Ideas Faculty Authors Reception

On Monday, September 16, 2019, the Friends of the Lehigh University Libraries hosted its 8th annual Harvest of Ideas reception in the Linderman Library Rotunda for faculty who published or edited a book or composition during the previous year. Melody Weisman, president of the Friends of the Lehigh University Libraries, Carrie Baldwin-SoRelle, social sciences and scholarly communications librarian, Bruce Taggart, vice provost for library and technology services, and Boaz Nadav-Manes, university librarian, presided over the celebration. Mark Norell ’19, a Mechanical Engineering major, provided musical entertainment.

This year’s additions to the faculty scholarship collection reflect the diversity of Lehigh’s scholarly output, including not only monographs and conference proceedings, but also translations, musical scores, and the collection’s first cookbook. A copy of each book authored by Lehigh faculty is added to Special Collections and noted in the library catalog. Faculty-authored books are also on display in the Linderman Library reading room.

About the Friends
The Friends of the Lehigh University Libraries support engaging library programs, activities, and services to advance the excellence of Lehigh Libraries. To become a member or learn more, visit Joining the Friends.

Faculty honored and their book titles included:

  • Michael Behe, Darwin Devolves: The New Science About DNA That Challenges Evolution
  • Hugo Ceron-Anaya, Privilege at Play: Class, Race, Gender, and Golf in Mexico
  • Lisa Damaschke-Deitrick, Comparative Perspectives on Refugee Youth Education Dreams and Realities in Educational Systems Worldwide
  • Brian Davison, The 41st International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research & Development in Information Retrieval
  • Maryann P. DiEdwardo, Spatializing Social Justice: Literary Critiques and The Significance of the Writing of Thomas Merton, Cultivating Peace
  • Christopher Driscoll, Method as Identity: Manufacturing Distance in the Academic Study of Religion
  • Dan Frangopol, Design, Assessment, Monitoring and Maintenance of Bridges and Infrastructure Networks
  • Charles French, The Investigative Paranormal Society Cookbook
  • Gina Gullo, Implicit Bias in Schools: A Practitioner’s Guide
  • Nicole Johnson, Women and Gender
  • Henry F. Korth, Database System Concepts, 7th edition
  • Hartley Lachter, To Fix Torah in Their Hearts: Essays on Biblical Interpretation and Jewish Studies in honor of B. Barry Levy
  • Olivia Landry, Movement and Performance in Berlin School Cinema
  • Nitzan Lebovic, Zionism and Melancholy: The Short Life of Israel Zarchi
  • Danielle Lindemann, Commuter Spouses: New Families in a Changing World
  • Monica Miller, Method as Identity: Manufacturing Distance in the Academic Study of Religion
  • Gerardo Muñoz, Alberto Lamar Schweyer: ensayos sobre poética y política
  • Ageliki Nicolopoulou, Narrative, Literacy and Other Skills: Studies in Intervention
  • János Pintér, Modeling and Optimization in Space Engineering and Modeling and Optimization: Theory and Applications: MOPTA, Bethlehem, PA, USA, August 2017, Selected Contributions
  • Robert Rozehnal, Piety, Politics and Everyday Ethics in Southeast Asian Islam: Beautiful Behavior
  • Dork Sahagian, A User's Guide to Planet Earth: Fundamentals of Environmental Science (2nd edition)
  • Paul Salerni, musical compositions Between Us All and Bethlehem Carol
  • Steven Sametz, musical compositions Luz y amor and Mi amado, both from Two Love Songs of Saint John of the Cross
  • L. Brook Sawyer, Academic Socialization of Young Black and Latino Children - Building on Family Strengths
  • William Schiesser, Numerical PDE Analysis of The Blood Brain Barrier: Method of Lines in R
  • Amardeep Singh, The Films of Mira Nair: Diaspora Verité
  • David Small, Ancient Greece: Social Structure and Evolution
  • Larry Snyder, The Opex Analytics Weekly Puzzle: A Collection of Puzzles Using Math, Operations Research, Computer Science, Probability and Logic
  • Tamás Terlaky, Modeling and Optimization: Theory and Applications: MOPTA, Bethlehem, PA, USA, August 2017, Selected Contributions
  • Roslyn Weiss, Crescas: Light of the Lord: Translated with Introduction and Notes
  • Boaz Nadav-Manes University Librarian