Residential Segregation class visits Special Collections

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Karen Pooley Class

On Monday, September 18, 2017, Dr. Karen Beck Pooley and her Residential Segregation class (ES/POLS 305/405) held a class with Lehigh’s Special Collections in the Bayer Galleria. The course focuses on post World War II evolution of American cities, housing and community development programs, and the consequences of these programs on minority residents and communities (ES/POLS 305/405 syllabus). The objective of this class session was to familiarize the students with Lehigh’s Library Services and the Special Collections resources available to them for an upcoming project. The students are to recount in an essay the accomplishments of urban renewal in either Bethlehem or Easton and analyze how these efforts affected the city.

In addition to the research tools presented to the class, Special Collections brought in four archival collections, which the students looked through to gain insight and inspiration for their projects. These collections included the Bethlehem Housing Authority Records, Bethlehem Redevelopment Authority Records, Lehigh University Property Ownership Files, and Anna Pongracz Papers on Urban Renewals.

As a work study student for Special Collections, I sat in on the class and took photographs of the students as they interacted with the collections. In particular, it was rewarding to see students interacting with the Anna Pongracz collection, for which I had entered the finding aid into the Lehigh Library ArchivesSpace. ArchivesSpace is a web application used for managing and organizing information on archival collections. It allows staff, students, and the public to view the contents of our collections and determine what pieces may be pertinent to their research. Notably, the Anna Pongracz Papers collection contains six boxes, with a total of 80 folders, each containing multiple pieces. The finding aid in ArchivesSpace will be useful for students in the Residential Segregation class if they need to revisit any materials in this collection for their project.

By: Amanda Anglemyer ‘19, Computer Science