Ebooks! Ebooks! And more ebooks!

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Did you know that the Lehigh Libraries make available over 420,000 ebooks and curate access to more than 16,000 streaming movies? Many of these are available in ASA, Lehigh’s library catalog, and more are added every day by instructor request. Faculty can place links to their preferred electronic content into their Course Site pages, providing a way for them to augment traditional textbooks with a rich set of ancillary course readings.

Our Most Popular Ebook: https://asa.lib.lehigh.edu/Record/10875284
(Minimum design loads and associated criteria for buildings and other structures from the American Society of Civil Engineers)

The largest and most heavily used ebook collection is the ProQuest Academic Complete subscription, totaling 175,685 titles. This collection is made available on the Ebook Central platform, supported and collectively funded by the Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium (PALCI). Over the last year, Lehigh students and faculty used the collection over 260,000 times.

The Lehigh Libraries also funds access to a variety of university presses, including extensive access to Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press. There are also a large selection of regional university presses through Project MUSE. PALCI also helps make available discounted ebooks from JSTOR, SAGE, Wiley, and other publishers and platforms.

The library has implemented a "print on demand" program with John Wiley & Sons to provide rapid activation of ebooks and delivery of matching print editions by request. Using data and client feedback, Wiley ebooks are selected for this program and provides Lehigh users with the option to request a Lehigh-owned print copy in lieu of a short term ILL loan. This involves purchasing a license for each book that provides unlimited access and also the ability to purchase up to five special rapid delivery print versions for the circulating collection at near or lower cost compared to ILL. Contact a librarian to learn more.

Our Most Popular Streaming Video: https://lehigh.kanopy.com/video/pruitt-igoe-myth-0
(The Pruitt-Igoe Myth)

Faculty who utilize or are considering using documentary films and classic movies in their classes should be aware that the Lehigh University Libraries maintains an extensive collection of over 16,000 films through the Kanopy streaming platform. The most viewed movie in this collection is Mathieu Kassovitz’s "La Haine," a Criterion Collection title. These movies are easily embedded into Course Site and available to all faculty and students.

The continuously updated searchable collection of Kanopy titles is available in the ASA Catalog. If you wish to embed a film into your classroom, please contact your librarian or complete a request form to get started. Although Kanopy maintains a large collection of films, the library supports other streaming platforms, such as Swank Digital Campus and Docuseek2. For additional information on other movies, please speak to a subject librarian.