Brown & White scavenger hunt among three new Special Collections 5x10 events

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Lehigh Libraries' Special Collections is offering three new Creative Curiosity 5x10 events this semester.

Library resources are some of the most useful and powerful sources of knowledge and information that students will have access to during their time at Lehigh. As first years, it is important for students to recognize that attending Lehigh means belonging to a long tradition of past students who went through similar experiences. With this knowledge, students can explore how they fit into the larger world of academia and how Lehigh fits within American history at large. Access to free and reusable digital content will give students material with which to exercise their own creativity in research, writing, or other pursuits. Learning how to search and use library resources will give them skills that will transfer to classwork, research, and self-guided learning beyond their undergraduate career.

Brown and White Newspaper Historical Scavenger Hunt

Put your searching skills to the test and explore Lehigh’s past through the lens of The Brown and White Newspaper Digital Archive. See how your predecessors used to live and how campus has changed since the 1880s by exploring past issues of The Brown & White student-run newspaper, which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. Using the Libraries' new digital newspaper interface, students will search back through time for significant moments in Lehigh history as well as for trivia known only to the most serious Lehigh history buffs. By the end of the event students will have a better understanding of Lehigh's past, be able to navigate digital library resources, and have their own Lehigh history scrapbook. 

Wednesday, October 16, 4:00-5:00 pm, Linderman 302 Computer Classroom


Encountering New Worlds: Books and Maps from the Age of Discovery

Do you like history, philosophy, geography, astronomy, physics, or all of the above? Have you ever wanted to hold the rare books that you have seen locked in a case or under glass?  Do you wonder how people used maps before apps? In this 5x10, philosophy professor Patrick Connolly and Lehigh librarians will discuss Lehigh Libraries' rich collection of rare books and maps from the scientific and geographic discovery in the 16th and 17th centuries. You can embark on a scavenger hunt to discover how these remarkable materials depicted new discoveries both in the solar system and across our planet. See how works from classical times launched a process that allowed people to envision the world in new and exciting ways. You'll also come away with a better understanding of the Library's Special Collections and meet librarians, who will describe how they can help you at Lehigh.

The session begins with a 15-minute overview of Special Collections, followed by a brief discussion from the humanities librarian on how librarians can help students do research using Lehigh's library resources. Prof. Connolly will provide students with a broad overview of the history of astronomy and how it built on the received Ptolemaic worldview. Next, you’ll hear from the science librarian about the map books on display and how it built on Ptolemaic geographical work. The session wraps up with a “scavenger hunt” Q & A about the works discussed!

Thursday, October 17, 1:45-2:45 PM, Linderman 342 Bayer Galleria

For more information and to register, visit LINC.

Archive to Art: A Walk Through the Philip and Muriel Berman Collection

Would you like to learn more about the art that you see peppered around campus? Much of it was given to Lehigh by Philip and Murial Berman. Join the Lehigh Libraries and Lehigh University Art Galleries (LUAG) on a walk from Special Collections in Linderman Library to LUAG in the Zoellner Art Center. Along the way, you will learn how the sculptures along Memorial Walk became part of the Lehigh collection.

The program begins at the Bayer Galleria in Linderman Library, where you’ll view source material from the Berman Papers archive on display and hear from librarians about the importance of primary sources in the research process. We will spend approximately 15 minutes in the Bayer Galleria, then walk along Memorial Drive toward Zoellner Arts Center. On the way, LUAG Curator of Education Stacie Brennan will point out and briefly discuss the Berman sculptures. At LUAG, students will have time to view a selection of pieces from the Berman collection. See and appreciate art in a whole new way, and learn how to research and engage with Lehigh’s art collections through the university and LUAG archives.

Thursday, October 24, 4:00-5:45, starts at Linderman Bayer Galleria, Room 342