Call for Requests for CITL Partnership / CITL Faculty Fellowship Course Development Grants

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Faculty in Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

If you would like to work with Lehigh's Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) on a class you are teaching in Summer 2019 or Academic Year 2019-20 please submit a brief proposal by Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Someone from the Center will be in touch with you in early May.

We will review and consider any teaching-related proposal and, in addition, offer the following teaching grant opportunities:

  • Proposals that require a substantial investment of faculty time (e.g., a significant course redesign, integration of an innovative project into the course, adoption of a wholly new teaching approach, etc.) may qualify for a CITL Faculty Fellowship Course Development Grant of up to $500.
  • Proposals that focus on substantial integration of Inclusive Teaching practices may qualify for a ODIE/CITL Inclusive Teaching Grant of up to $500.
  • All grant recipients will work closely with CITL consultants throughout the project and will present at the 2020 Symposium on Teaching and Learning or at another CITL event.

Here are some areas in which we have worked together with faculty in the past (additional details can be found in the Consulting section of the CITL site):

  • Consultation about General Teaching and Learning Topics
  • Inclusive Teaching, Active Learning, or Project-based Courses
  • Consultation on Assignments (Writing/Research) and Inquiry Projects
  • Effective Use of a CITL Classroom or Other Flexible/Active Learning Spaces
  • Academic Uses of Visualization, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
  • Course-related Digital Scholarship, Video, Film, or Multimedia Projects
  • Enhancing Teaching using Digital Tools, Instructional Videos or Modules
  • Developing a Fully Online Course or an Online Course Module
  • Educational Assessment/Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Research Computing Facilities for Teaching
  • Digital Texts or Open Access Material
  • Teaching Well in Large Lecture Halls

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Reihman, Director, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, at (610) 758-6840 or

Representative Recent Recipients of CITL Faculty Fellowship Course Development Grants

  • Ziad Munson (SOC): "Rethinking SOC 1: Developing and Integrating New Online Modules"
  • Bob Booth (EES): "Enhanced Use of the PA101 Lecture Hall while Designing and Developing a New Online EES Class"
  • Katie Hoffman (BIOS): "Active Learning in BIOS 41"
  • Josh Ehrig (MGMT):  "Online Social Annotation Tools For ENTP 311"
  • Joan Ramage Macdonald (EES): "VR and Mapping in EES 090 'Lands of the Midnight Sun'"
  • Tamara Myers (HIST): "Designing New Audio and Visual Assignments in HIST 197"
  • Robert Rozehnal (REL): "Enhanced Assignments and New Teaching Approaches in REL/GS 90 'Muslims and Media'"
  • Hannah Dailey (MechE): "'Fact Checking The Martian': Enhancing Student Technical Communication and Open-ended Problem Solving"
  • William Crow (AAD/LUAG): "Multimedia, Interactive, Hands-on Projects for Students in ART 220: '20th Century Art'"
  • Peggy Kong (COE) "Interactive Technologies in CIE 403: 'Globalization and Curriculum Implications'"
  • Kwame Essien (AAS): "Creating a Student-Built Digital Library for AAS 371 'Cybernetics and Diaspora Studies'"
  • Valerie Jones Taylor (PSYCH/AAS): "VR Experiences for Students in PSY 395: 'Doing and Undoing of Racism'"