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photo of phone with the words no more 9 for outside line start with 7

Beginning July 19, 2021, to dial an outside phone line from campus phones, users must dial 7 in front of the phone number instead of 9. This change is being made to prevent accidental misdials of 911. Read below for further instructions and note that the directions for reaching 911 remain the same and you do not need to dial 7 first.


  • Users placing a call to a non-Lehigh number (such as an outside business, or other domestic or toll-free number) will first need to dial 7 and then the full number: 7-(XXX)-XXX-XXXX
  • You will continue to hear the dial tone when you press 7. Continue dialing the full phone number to place your call
  • All other directions remain the same. The only change is that the number 7 is replacing 9 when placing an outside call
  • An FAQ and the complete telephone dialing instructions can be found on the LTS website

You may use 7 to place an outgoing call to non-Lehigh numbers beginning immediately. Beginning July 19, using 9 will no longer work and you must dial 7 to dial an outside number. If you mistakenly press 9, you will hear the dial tone stop. Stop, hang up, and redial by pressing 7 first and then the full 10-digit phone number with area code to complete your call.

Offices using autodialers such as fax machines should update their settings using the directions provided for the machine.

If you configured your campus phone to forward to another number such as your cell phone while you were working remotely, be sure to remove the forwarding and reconfigure it with the new dialing scheme (or simply cancel forwarding if you no longer need it).

The process for dialing emergency services 911 remains the same:

  • From on and off campus, dial 911 to reach Bethlehem emergency services
  • From on campus, dial 84200 to reach the Lehigh University Police Department (LUPD), which follows the same process for all on-campus calls (8XXXX)
  • From off campus, dial 610-758-4200 to reach LUPD

Thank you for your cooperation. For additional information, reference the FAQ and dialing instructions. If you have questions not answered by these resources, please contact the LTS Help Desk (610-758-4357 or


Greg Reihman
Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services
Director, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Jason Schiffer
Chief of Police
Lehigh University Police Department