Do you Duo? Have a Plan B!

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Duo two-factor authentication do you have a plan b?

“Now I know -- always have a backup/plan B for Duo!” Professor Sharon Friedman offers these wise words to Duo users who have only one method for providing a Duo second factor. Avoid a Duo emergency!

During the first week of Fall classes, Friedman’s mobile device died. Just before a Zoom session with her students, she found herself without a way to complete Duo two-factor authentication. Unable to log into Zoom or Course Site, she called the LTS Help Desk for emergency assistance.

Moral of the story

When you set up 2-factor authentication with Duo, many people enable just one second factor -- such as Duo’s mobile app. Don’t stop with just one option! Mobile devices can get lost, damaged, and they can go belly up.  You can set up numerous second factor options -- your office phone, home phone, your spouse’s phone, a tablet or iPad, or a Yubi key.

  • Add another device. Go to -- Log in, enter a second factor, and select Add a new device.
  • Generate backup codes. These are codes you can keep in your purse or wallet as a backup if your phone is lost or broken. For more information view

If you have any questions, please contact the LTS Help Desk at (610) 758-4357 or email