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Browse scholarly journals on the web or on mobile with browzine

BrowZine is a tablet, mobile, and web application that lets you easily browse, read, and monitor thousands of scholarly journals available through the Lehigh Libraries. BrowZine sorts Lehigh's e-journals by broad subject categories and then into narrower disciplines. The result is an easy and familiar way to help you keep up with the latest research in your field.

With BrowZine you can:

  • Access full text articles through the Lehigh Libraries
  • View a table of contents of current and past journals
  • Create a personal bookshelf of your favorite journals for quick access
  • Receive alerts when new journal issues are published
  • Send articles to citation management or note taking programs
  • Sync saved articles between all your devices
  • Share links to articles with others via email or on social media

How do I get BrowZine?

BrowZine can be accessed from the Libraries' home page. Choose Databases, then select BrowZine from the A-Z Database list (login required off-campus). The app version is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Visit the App Store for your operating system to download BrowZine.

To setup access to BrowZine, select Lehigh University as your library on the “Settings” page, and then enter your Lehigh username and password.

Next, search for a journal by title or select a subject area and start browsing. When you are ready to save a journal or article, you will be prompted to set up your own personal account on BrowZine.

Why should I set up a personal account in BrowZine?

A BrowZine Account is used to provide personalization features such as “My Bookshelf” and “My Articles.” When you add your favorite journals to either one, you will be alerted to new articles with a red notification bubble. Once you configure My Bookshelf and My Articles on one device, the configuration will sync seamlessly between all of your devices.


Watch a demo of Lehigh BrowZine!


If you have any questions about using BrowZine, please contact Mark C. Scott, Business Data Librarian, at 610-758-3053 or, or visit BrowZine support.