Dropbox for Business: A refresher

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Library and Technology Services (LTS) has offered Dropbox for Business, a cloud-based file storage and sharing service, to faculty and staff since 2015. In response to recent questions about the service, we’ve prepared a refresher that covers the university’s cloud computing policy, the differences between the types and pricing of Dropbox plans, how to request a Dropbox for Business account, and what to know if you’re transitioning from the consumer version.

LTS recommends and supports only Lehigh University Dropbox for Business accounts. Use of any other version of Dropbox to store university files is not in compliance with university policy. Lehigh’s Office of Purchasing Services will flag any Dropbox transactions on a university One Card and inform users about the cloud storage policy.

The Lehigh University Cloud Computing Policy requires that data stored in a cloud environment, such as Dropbox, meet the following criteria:

  • Data must be retrievable by the institution;
  • Data must be encrypted both in-transit and at-rest;
  • The cloud service provider must conform with all relevant federal, state, and local laws.

Types of Dropbox plans and pricing

  Dropbox Basic Dropbox Plus Dropbox Pro LU Dropbox for Business
University-approved No No No Yes
Reimbursable Employee Expense n/a No No Billed to departent
Cost Free $99 / year $199 / year $180 / yr
Storage Limit 2 GB 1,000 GB 1,000 GB Unlimited
File Backups 30 days 30 days 30 days 120 days
Share Folders/Links Yes Yes Yes Yes
File Upload Requests Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote Device Wipe - Yes Yes Yes
Smart Sync - - Yes Yes
Full Text Search - - Yes Yes
Shared Link Controls - - Yes Yes
Viewer History - - Yes Yes
LTS Support - - - Yes
Telephone Support from Dropbox - - - Yes
Single Sign-On - - - Yes

How to request an account

In accordance with policies from the Controller's Office, you must send an email to our LTS Business Office at inasg@lehigh.edu and state "Please create a LU Dropbox account for xyz3@lehigh.edu (your email address) and bill account XXXXXX (your account number) at the $180 annual rate. I am the Financial Manager and/or Authorized Signer for this account."

After your request is processed, the LTS Business Office will instruct staff to create your Lehigh Dropbox account. You will be notified when this takes place and access information will be sent to you via email.

IMPORTANT: To ensure a smooth transition from a consumer account to a Lehigh University Dropbox for Business account, users must FIRST change their email address to match their Lehigh email address. This will ensure any existing links and file shares will continue to work post-transition.

Data ownership

Concerning ownership of faculty data, the following statement has been provided by the Vice President and Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies in conjunction with the Office of General Counsel:

"The university has to have ownership of the storage space sufficient to comply with the law, commitments to research sponsors, etc., including per the notice the ability to delete files (e.g., if determined that there were files we weren’t supposed to have) or move them to other storage. Ownership of contents is still governed by the university IP policy (http://www.lehigh.edu/~policy/university/ip.htm). So you remain steward of your research data, author/owner of your written work, etc."

The primary contact for Lehigh University Dropbox for Business is Steve Lewis, Sr. Computing Consultant and Manager of the LTS Administrative Computing Team (sgl3@lehigh.edu or 610-758-4750).

All pricing information referenced in this document is current as of Spring 2018 and is subject to change.

If you need assistance with Dropbox, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or helpdesk@lehigh.edu.