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Lehigh University Libraries subscribes to Social Explorer, an extensive repository of easily searchable current and historical demographic data about the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Users can browse the entire US Census data from 1790 to 2010, with tens of thousands of maps, hundreds of reports, over 400,000 variables, and 40 billion data elements.

The visualization tools help researchers create, customize, and display their demographic projects and reports. Social Explorer makes an excellent primary resource for researchers in business and economics, history and political science, public health, journalism, and many other disciplines.

“Social Explorer is the ultimate resource for census data research,” says Mark Scott, Lehigh’s business data librarian and government information specialist. “The tool features geography tract data back to the 1940 Census, while American Factfinder from the U.S. Census Bureau has tract data only back to the 1990 Census.”

With Social Explorer, you are able to:

  • Compare datasets across time periods
  • Create, save, & share customized thematic and interactive maps and reports.
  • Visualize data in charts, tables, graphs, and maps
  • Download data as needed for statistical analysis and research projects

You can access Social Explorer through Lehigh’s A-Z database list or directly at www.socialexplorer.com. Note: Off-campus access requires the use of the VPN.

To learn how Social Explorer can be used in your research, in the classroom, or for student projects, contact Mark Scott at mark.scott@lehigh.edu.

For additional information and guidance, visit the Social Explorer Help Center.