Get to Know LTS: The Library Technology Team

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Library Technology Team

The Library Technology Group develops and manages technological systems and tools that provide access to library services and resources. The Library Technology team collaborates with and supports the work of all library departments. Some of their key responsibilities:

  • Develop and manage the Library Service Platform and Systems that support collaborative storage, delivery, and preservation of library collections, as well as provide access to library resources and services.
  • Support the Library’s web presence, one of the main channels through which faculty and students access library resources. Keep the library web site and online tools current, consistent, and manageable.
  • Support library staff and operations by automating and streamlining workflows and processes.
  • Develop and manage the discovery system that provides comprehensive access to both library print and digital collections.

Current Project Highlights

With the rapidly increasing digital collections and fast changing technologies, Lehigh Libraries need to take initiatives in implementing new technology tools and applications to meet the changing needs of the campus community. The Library Technology team has been engaging in experimentation and technology innovation to improve access to library resources and services.

EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS): In the recent LTS survey, faculty and students have indicated that more work needs to done to provide better search, browsing, and discovery of library resources. Currently, we are in the process of completing a trial and testing of EBSCO ERM suite, which includes Knowledge Base, Full Text Finder, and Discovery Tool. To be launched this summer, EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) will provide our users with an easy way of accessing Lehigh electronic resources through a single search.

FOLIO Implementation: In 2014, Lehigh Library made the transition from its legacy integrated library system to the Open Library Environment (OLE), an open source library management platform that allows for more flexibility in managing library digital resources, as well as communicating with other campus systems and applications. Since then, Lehigh Library has been collaborating with our partner academic libraries to further develop the library service platform. The new system, FOLIO, will be available next year. We are planning a major implementation in 2020.


Chulin Meng, Director of Library Technology,
Chris Creswell, Senior Library Systems Analyst,
Michelle Suranofsky, Senior Library Systems Analyst,


Library Technology Team is located at Linderman Library, Room 46.