Introducing LastPass password manager for students!

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a smiling female student is seated in the library and holding a smartphone out in front of her. The Lehigh mobile app is on the phone screen

Library and Technology Services is pleased to announce that we are offering LastPass Premium to all Lehigh students to help you manage passwords and improve the security of your online data.

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a password manager solution that stores your usernames and passwords for your online accounts in an encrypted vault that you can access across your devices. Logging into LastPass allows you to easily access, save, and update your passwords for any website or app - and the only password you have to remember is the master password for your LastPass account! When you visit websites, LastPass can automatically fill in your credentials for you. It also makes it easy to generate secure, unique passwords for every site you use.

How to sign up

To access the LastPass self-enrollment process, visit the LTS LastPass site. From there you will be able to enroll and start using LastPass.

Once you enroll, visit the LastPass Getting Started Guide to begin.

How do I get help?

LastPass provides support for Premium accounts. If you need assistance, you can:

Library and Technology Services