Introducing Overleaf: LaTeX authoring tool for Lehigh faculty, students, and staff

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Library and Technology Services now provides Overleaf Pro+ accounts for all students, faculty, and staff. A cloud-based, collaborative LaTeX editor, Overleaf is designed to make the process of writing, editing and producing papers, theses, dissertations, presentations, and other documents much quicker for both you and your collaborators.

Overleaf scores high marks from Lehigh faculty like Computer Science and Engineering associate professor Brian Davison, who has already been using Overleaf for funding proposals and paper writing, both collaboratively and independently.

“Previously, I would use LaTeX packages on a Mac or Linux,” he said. “I appreciate Overleaf Pro+ accounts for the extra storage, the ability to show fine-grained changes and the stronger security model for projects.”

Overleaf Pro+ features include:

  • Online, real-time collaboration in Rich Text or LaTeX. Easily switch between either mode.
  • Add Lehigh and external collaborators
  • More collaboration options - create read- and/or invite-only projects.
  • Real-time preview of projects while editing and writing with one-click PDF generation.
  • 20GB of total storage; 1000 files per project.
  • Quick save to Dropbox.
  • Full project history/version control

How to get an Overleaf account:

To claim your Pro+ account, go to, click Sign up, and register using your Lehigh University email address. Be sure to use the email Sign up method. Do not use the “Sign in with Google” option. You’ll receive a confirmation email from Overleaf. After you click the link to confirm your email address, you’ll be asked to set a password.

If you already have an account:

  • Sign in to Overleaf and go to My Profile.
  • Enter your Lehigh email address in the Section Which universities or institutions are you currently affiliated with.
  • Click Add Email, then click Save My Profile.
  • Note that existing Overleaf users with a email address added to their profiles are automatically upgraded to Pro+.

Learn more about Overleaf!

Lehigh Research Computing will hold a seminar on creating LaTeX documents using Overleaf on Thursday, September 27, 2018 at 2:10 p.m. in the EWFM Computing Center, Room 292. Register at

You can also watch an introductory video tutorial, or send your support questions online to Overleaf at or via email to

For additional information about Overleaf, contact any of the following Lehigh LTS staff:

Philip Hewitt, Engineering Librarian,
Alex Pacheco, Manager, Research Computing,
Brian Simboli, Science Librarian,