Lehigh to launch Ellucian Banner to the cloud

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Lehigh University to launch Banner to the cloud and Ellucian Banner image

Lehigh University, a long time Ellucian Banner customer, is moving from an on-premises Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to the cloud. This transition is part of a strategy to make enterprise systems applications more responsive, agile, and aligned with campus needs, as well as to improve the user experience for students, faculty, and staff. This Banner to the cloud move is a strategic campus initiative which over the next several months will require the active support and involvement of numerous campus departments.

“After nearly 20 years with the same ERP solution, it was time for a more modern platform that could keep pace with the needs and expectations of today’s students and workforce,” said Provost Pat Farrell. “In collaboration with Library and Technology Services, we conducted an extensive evaluation of the cloud ERP options available today and determined that moving to the most current version of Banner in the cloud was the best business solution for Lehigh’s needs.”

One of the main benefits of moving Banner to the cloud is that it will enable Ellucian to monitor the platform around the clock, dynamically boosting hardware resources during peak periods, such as course registration, to ensure optimal performance in response to increased demand.

“The move to Ellucian Cloud allows Lehigh to provide more reliable and efficient access to the most current software releases, better supporting our students, faculty, and staff,” said Bruce M. Taggart, Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services. ”In addition to meeting continuous availability needs, cloud-based applications offer Lehigh enhanced disaster recovery and business continuity options without requiring additional funding for on-campus infrastructure and support.”

In conjunction with the Ellucian Cloud initiative, new applications have been acquired which include, Ellucian Mobile, Analytics, Workflow, Experience and Degree Works. More information about the deployment of these new applications will be forthcoming.

The Lehigh Banner move to the cloud started in August and is targeted to go live in June 2020. Lehigh’s recently announced Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Ilena Key, will lead the Banner-to-the-Cloud initiative along with Manny Pena and Kurt Weber, key leadership in Enterprise Systems. Other LTS key staff in the move to the cloud will be Eric Zematis, the campus Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and Jim Monek, Director of Technology Infrastructure and Operations (TIO).

If you have any questions on the upcoming campus move to the Ellucian Cloud, please contact Ilena Key (ilk204@lehigh.edu).


Patrick V. Farrell, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Patricia A. Johnson, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Bruce M. Taggart, Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services