Lehigh Libraries preserve collections and expand services in partnership with Eastern Academic Scholars Trust (EAST)

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image of flying books with text the lehigh libraries join eastern academic scholars trust

The Lehigh Libraries have partnered with 81 Eastern Academic Scholars Trust (EAST) libraries to preserve the scholarly record and participate in additional inter-library loan services via the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance. EAST libraries include academic libraries from Maine to Florida and large universities such as University of Maryland to smaller colleges such as Vassar College. These libraries agree to keep and preserve print titles that are unique, titles that are scarcely held, or titles that have high circulation and require more print copies to be retained in library collections. Lehigh has identified over 40,000 titles that will be retained in this partnership and will be available to the other partners for lending. The EAST partnership provides its members an excellent review of their scholarly collections and ensures that these collections are accessible to all the member libraries.

Boaz Nadav-Manes, Lehigh’s University Librarian, and a member of the EAST Executive Committee says: “EAST leads the country in advocating for how libraries share their collective collections. I am very excited about Lehigh joining the EAST collaboration which will allow us unprecedented access to unique collections and enhance the excellent ILL services we provide via PALCI and ILLiad.”

As part of the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance, any EAST library can borrow serials and journals from more than 180 other members. Please submit ILL requests through the ILL form on the library website.