Lehigh Zoom users must upgrade to Zoom 5.0 by May 30

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Zoom 5.0 update

Zoom recently announced the release of Zoom 5.0, a software upgrade that delivers significantly enhanced security features and user controls.

In order to continue joining Zoom meetings, all users must upgrade to version 5.0 by May 30, 2020. Upgrade now. Zoom will automatically detect your operating system and suggest the appropriate download. Visit the Zoom Help Center for other ways you can upgrade.

Be sure to perform the update on all computers and mobile devices where you use Zoom.

After May 30, 2020, all Zoom clients on older versions will receive a forced upgrade when joining a meeting.

For additional information about the security enhancements included in this upgrade, visit the Zoom 5.0 webpage or the Release Notes.

If you need assistance with the Zoom upgrade, please contact the Help Desk at (610) 758-4357 or email helpdesk@lehigh.edu.

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