LTS introduces Jamf Pro to manage Lehigh-owned Apple computers

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Library and Technology Services (LTS) has been deploying Jamf Pro enterprise mobility management to provide a comprehensive management solution for Apple macOS and iOS systems for faculty and staff. Over 375 Apple devices have been selectively enrolled during the first year of implementation.

Beginning March 1, 2019 LTS will automatically enroll newly-purchased, Lehigh-owned Mac computers and iPads in Jamf. New university-owned iPhones have been automatically enrolled since October, 2018.

Key benefits of Jamf

LTS is committed to securing the Lehigh computing environment and adopting tools and methods to streamline maintenance of Lehigh-owned computing devices.

Jamf Pro allows us to:

  • Maintain systems and software, limit exposure to vulnerabilities, and apply security threat protections such as device encryption, improving overall network security for the campus community.
  • Manage university-owned Apple devices proactively by deploying new operating system builds, applications, and the latest updates to Apple devices quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Distribute settings, identify potential and actual hardware problems, and analyze inventory data.

When will my Apple device be enrolled in Jamf?

All newly purchased macOS and iOS devices will be automatically enrolled, so that they “check in” with Lehigh Jamf as soon as they're first powered on. Contact your Computing Consultant when you receive a new Apple iOS device, a new macOS computer, or to schedule Jamf enrollment on an existing Mac computer.

Learn more about Jamf Pro for Apple device management at

If you have any questions about Jamf enrollment, please contact your Computing Consultant.

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