LTS Ramp Up introduces First Year Students to LTS!

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photo of RaShawn Allen 2018 Ramp Up winner

Incoming First Year Students are invited to complete a summer online orientation to LTS, called the LTS Ramp Up. By engaging students prior to the start of school, we catch them before the flurry of fall activities, hopefully for greater impact!

The Ramp Up offers interactive videos, tutorials, and “test drives” that acquaint new students with LTS systems and services they will use when they arrive on campus. Participation is voluntary but we offer the chance to win small prizes (Amazon gift cards) to students who complete all four modules of the Ramp Up: Course Site; Facilities and Services; Free software!; and Networking and Security.

Student participation and engagement up

Now in its third year, the Ramp Up participation has steadily increased, with over 54% of incoming students completed the Ramp Up in 2018. About 65% completing at least one module.

We were able to use completion tracking features in Course Site as well as metrics collected through our Panopto video service to capture metrics for student engagement.

  • Measures of average and median viewing minutes for each video were generally close to the length of each video (note: quiz items embedded at the end of the video helped to motivate students -- quizzes had to be completed to mark an activity as completed).
  • Some students were particularly engaged, watching videos several times, and in some cases five to nine times.
  • Quiz items embedded in the videos were answered correctly on first attempt 97% of the time.

In 2018, we offered the LTS Ramp Up to graduate students for the first time. The Ramp Up was offered after the start of school (when all graduate students have Course Site access), and the participation rate was 18%.

LTS will continue improving this orientation so that students enjoy a smooth transition into their first year at Lehigh.