LTS to renovate Fairchild-Martindale Library study space and welcome new LUAG gallery

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Fairchild-Martindale Library renovation work scheduled for May 16 - May 23

Library and Technology Services will soon refresh and modernize student study spaces in some areas of the Fairchild-Martindale Library. Beginning Wednesday, May 16, we will move and add new furniture, replace carpeting, and apply a fresh coat of paint in sections of the 4th and 5th floors. We will also welcome a new art gallery this June, courtesy of Lehigh University Art Galleries. The renovation work will be minimally disruptive to students and visitors.

The schedule is as follows:

  • On the morning of May 16, computers located on the 4th floor south will be disassembled and artwork in the surrounding area will be removed.
  • At 5 p.m. on May 16, furniture on the 4th floor south will be moved permanently to other study areas throughout the library.
  • Work will continue for one week to replace carpeting and install new furniture on the 4th floor, and to repaint and add track lighting on the 5th floor south.
  • All work will be completed by Wednesday, May 23.

New Lehigh Art Galleries exhibit to open in July

We are pleased to host a new Lehigh University Art Galleries (LUAG) installation, a collection of photographs by the artist Pedro Meyer. A well-known photographer based in Mexico, Meyer is one of the pioneers in the digital revolution of contemporary photography.

The exhibition, Pedro Meyer: Truth from Fiction, includes twenty large-scale photographs that will be installed in the Fairchild-Martindale LUAG Study Galleries space on the 4th and 5th floors of the library in June, 2018.

In his works, part of Lehigh’s permanent collection, the artist explores truth in photography, insisting that all photographs—manipulated or not—are equally true and untrue. Meyer argues that digital manipulation continues the tradition of so-called “straight photography” in which unwanted details are cropped out, or the photographer asks his subject to step out of the shadows into better light.

Library and Technology Services has a long tradition of showcasing artwork in the library. Over the years, FML has been home to a diverse collection of paintings, photographs, suspended installations, hand-crafted glass work, and sculptures created by Lehigh students, faculty, and staff, as well as noted local, national, and international artists.

“Art is a natural fit for the libraries, a major hub of intellectual and social activity on campus,” said Bruce M. Taggart, Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services. “We’re thrilled to provide an environment where the Lehigh community can discover and engage with art that challenges, intrigues, and inspires us, and at the same time, allows us to look up from our long periods of academic work, relax a bit, and enjoy art.”

Mark Wonsidler, curatorial associate for exhibitions and collections for LUAG, agrees that the library provides a wonderful opportunity for visitors to explore visual art.  “As an inaugural exhibition, Pedro Meyer is ideal for a library setting, since Meyer's work touches on issues of truth, fiction, and the mystery of 'what can be known' that run equally through the literature of the arts and the sciences.”

LUAG maintains and develops the university's world-class Teaching Collection of over 15,000 objects, operating its main gallery in the Zoellner Arts Center. Wonsidler says the new exhibition extends the Galleries’ mission to integrate the experience of art with daily life on campus. “Unlike a traditional museum with a single building, we operate as a series of satellite galleries throughout Lehigh's campuses,” he said. “Instead of going to the museum, the museum comes to you.”

The exhibition opens on July 2, 2018 and will be on display until May 24, 2019.

The upcoming renovations and enhancements are a continuation of the EWFM 2020 plan which seeks to re-envision the Fairchild-Martindale Library in order to serve the Lehigh University campus community and provide spaces to inspire the pursuit of knowledge.