LTS replaces Avast Antivirus software with cloud-based CrowdStrike

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Library and Technology Services is committed to helping faculty, staff, and students protect Lehigh University computers and data from security threats. Since 2016, Lehigh has licensed Avast Antivirus software to provide protection from both viruses and malware on faculty and staff Windows and Mac computers.

Lehigh has begun transitioning to a new cloud-based antivirus program called CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor. All new Windows desktops will receive CrowdStrike, while systems still running Avast Antivirus will be gradually migrated.

How does it work?

CrowdStrike installs a lightweight agent on your system that is completely invisible to the end user. Once CrowdStrike is installed, it actively monitors activity on your computer without having to manually run virus scans. Updates to the software will also be applied automatically, so there is no need to update manually.

If a threat is found or blocked, CrowdStrike will alert you through a slide-out notification in your system tray (Windows) or macOS notifications. In the event you receive an alert, contact your LTS Computing Consultant or submit a Help Request at for resolution.

If you have any questions about CrowdStrike or about computer security in general, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or

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