LTS response to COVID-19: Resources and updates

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lts response to covid-19

Library and Technology Services provides the following resources for faculty, students, and staff to help them successfully maintain their academic and administrative productivity during the COVID-19 outbreak. Always check Lehigh's main COVID-19 News site for any updates.

Check back on this page for news updates, and additions or changes to services related to teaching and learning, technology, and library services, as they become available.

Update, 3/13/20: Linderman Library will be closed until further notice. The Fairchild-Martindale Library and Computing Center remain open. Check the LTS Google Calendar for current hours.

Update, 3/16/20: LTS has created a special Virtual Private Network (VPN) called (COVID VPN) that will minimize network disruptions for international students while they continue their studies abroad. If you are remoting from a location outside the United States and have difficulty accessing resources required to complete your course work, please consult Staying connected to Lehigh with COVID VPN for instructions on connecting with this new alternate VPN.

Update, 3/19/20: The Fairchild-Martindale Library and EWFM Computing Center will close at 5PM, Fri., March 20, until circumstances permit us to reopen. Linderman Library has been closed since March 13, and will remain closed until further notice. For information on virtual Help Desk support hours, locating or requesting library resources, and equipment and materials pickup, see LTS News.

Update, 6/25/20: As the University continues its plans for the Fall 2020 semester, Library and Technology Services would like to share a number of service highlights and other important information as we gradually reopen our facilities to the campus community. Please see LTS News for details, including our complete Reopening Guide.