LTS staff member Andy Januszak receives Sustainability Award

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Andy Januszak Lehigh University

LTS senior computing consultant Andrew Januszak has received the 2019 staff Sustainability Award from the Lehigh Sustainability Council. This award, presented at the spring Sustainability Leadership Summit, recognizes Andy for his work advancing sustainability in a number of areas, including student engagement/development, campus leadership, and energy/waste reduction awareness.

Bee-ing sustainable

Andy has been instrumental in advancing Lehigh’s beekeeping program. Lehigh’s first beehive was installed in 2014 by then-undergraduate Katie Ballen ‘16 and Lehigh staff member Tamara Bartolet, through a grant from the Sustainability Office. When Katie did her year abroad (and later graduated), Tamara struggled with the workload of managing the hives. She writes, "When I could no longer commit to the club, Andy jumped right in!” She has followed the growth of the program since Andy became club advisor in 2015. “Andy has introduced so many of our Lehigh students to the art of beekeeping,” Bartolet said. “I've been both impressed and grateful for his investment of time and energy towards this wonderful Lehigh initiative; without him at the helm I am not sure how it would continue to thrive."

The Lehigh Beekeeping Club today boasts a large membership, well-attended inspections, and a learn-by-doing focus. Julia Pietruszka ‘20, President of Beekeeping Club since 2017, describes Andy’s contribution:

“I have seen Andy's genuine curiosity surrounding beekeeping (and nature at large) influence the students he engages with. Andy always meets people where they are in their own beekeeping journey, sharing his wealth of knowledge with sincere enthusiasm. He has devoted countless hours of his time to maintaining the hives year-round and teaching members of the Lehigh community about the incredible natural systems that are beehives. Everything I know about being a beekeeper, I have learned from him."

As the Beekeeping Club advisor, Andy guided the installation of the campus BeeCam along with Munroe Sollog on the LTS networking team. He worked with Tamara Bartolet to establish a pollinator garden near the hives. As the club advisor, he guides student officers in managing bees, conducting regular inspections, and extracting honey.

Andy also connects Lehigh hive activities to the regional beekeeping community. Sharon Zondag, a 4th generation apiarist and resident beekeeper at Northampton Community College, consulted with Andy as he assumed the role of beekeeper. “Andy was able to shepherd resources and invest time and considerable effort to build a strong and sustainable beekeeping program at the university,” she observes.

SustainabLEHIGH Prelusion leadership

In addition to his work with bees, Andy has been involved with other student-focused programs, including SustainabLEHIGH, the First-Year Student Prelusion program. Over the course of three days in August of 2017 and 2018, Andy led students in biking, camping, and canoeing along the Lehigh River. Students also visited local farms, took a “green tour” of Lehigh’s campus, and learned about environmental clubs, initiatives, and campaigns at Lehigh and in the region.

Campus sustainability involvement

Andy has been involved in promoting sustainability to the broader campus community. From championing the Sustainable Office program in LTS to advocating for responsible printing policies and practices, Andy has helped to encourage energy and waste reduction in LTS. Staff consult with him on questions about recycling and green computing practices.

Andy also serves on the Lehigh Sustainability Council (LSC), where he has administered the Council’s green grant program. His efforts caught the attention of Council leader Mark Ironside, Executive Director of University Business Services. He writes: “Andrew has been a reliable and consistent contributor of LSC for the last two years and brings a unique perspective and passion to the work of the Council. He is a valued member of the group and an advocate for Sustainability at Lehigh. Andrew deserves much praise for his contributions. I'm looking forward to collaborating with him in the future.”

Since starting at Lehigh in 2014, Andy has taken on increasing responsibility both in his computing consultant role and in service to Lehigh. We congratulate Andy for being recognized for his sustainability efforts!

Everything I know about being a beekeeper, I learned from him.
Julia Pietruszka ‘20, Beekeeping Club President