New Advisory Council for Information Services (ACIS) policies for campus review

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policy updates

The Advisory Council for Information Services (ACIS) is releasing two new information technology and services policies for campus review.

See the new Vendor Compliance Policy [Draft]
See the new Information Security Policy [Draft]

Please forward comments on these draft documents to Donna Cressman at by March 5, 2020.

Note: Current ACIS policies can be viewed at

About ACIS

ACIS works with Library and Technology Services (LTS) and other campus committees to develop policies relating to various information technologies and services. See for more information about this committee.

Current members of ACIS include Professors Scott Gordon, College of Arts and Science; Thomas Hammond, College of Education; David Zhang, College of Business; Sean Shappell, Office of Development & Alumni Relations; Steven Wilson and Allen Taylor, Office of the Registrar; Yenny Anderson, Office of Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics; Eric Zematis, Chief Information Security Officer (ex-officio); Ilena Key, Chief Technology Officer (ex-officio); and Greg Reihman (ex-officio), Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services.

How policies are developed

The process for policy development begins with ACIS receiving drafts of policy issues from various LTS Advisory Committees (see LTS Governance). The draft policies are reviewed by ACIS and refined collaboratively with LTS before being circulated to the campus for an open comment period. After the campus comment period, the ACIS Committee considers all campus input and a final draft policy is forwarded to the Provost for review and approval. Once approved, the policy is posted to the LTS web site on the “About” page.

If you have any questions, contact Ilena Key, Chief Technology Officer at or 610-758-5045.

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