New Library Collections: Graphic novels, bestsellers, prizewinners, and more!

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2019 Harvest of Ideas Faculty Authors Reception

In addition to providing collections that directly support the research and teaching mission of the university, Lehigh Libraries has expanded the Linderman Reading Room book collections to include several new leisure reading programs as well as recent faculty-authored books (pictured right).

Faculty Authors Collection: Since its beginnings, the Lehigh Libraries have committed to acquiring work published by faculty, preserving and providing access to the full breadth of Lehigh scholarship, which is celebrated every year in the annual Faculty Author’s Reception. New this semester, you can find the past five years of faculty publications collected in one easy-to-browse space.

Bestsellers and Prizewinners: This collection includes selected titles from the New York Times bestsellers list, the winners and shortlist of major literary prizes, and other critically acclaimed literary works.

International Bestsellers: The library now also has a collection of foreign language bestsellers, Including works in French, Spanish, and Chinese.

Graphic Novels: From manga to superheroes to critically acclaimed series and beyond, our new graphic novel collection covers a diverse array of authors and genres.

Additionally, the Libraries continue to add new digital content to grow our successful ebook and streaming video programs, with individual titles discoverable through the library catalog. Need access to a title but don’t see it in the catalog? Specific needs can be met through consultation with a research librarian.