Changes to Printing at LTS Sites. More options, lower color printing rates!

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In response to student feedback and increased demand for color printing, LTS is pleased to announce the addition of another color printer, lowered color printing costs, and enhancements to PaperCut at LTS computing sites.

Thanks to a greater awareness about responsible printing on campus and the resulting cost savings, we have lowered the rate for color printing to 0.25 points per side, down substantially from the previous cost of 0.50. There will continue to be a 0.01 point discount for additional pages if a user chooses to print double-sided.

LTS has also purchased a second color printer for the EWFM Library 400 level. It resides by the current color printer in the Mart Wing (Rm. 449) and will help alleviate long queues for color print jobs. In addition, users can now bypass Web Print and print directly by selecting the new color printer option (mart8a-rm449-hp553) which will be displayed in the printer list on computers at the EWFM 400 site. Color printing options continue to be available at Linderman Library in the Rotunda (Rm. 135) and at the EWFM Digital Media Studio (Rm. 421).

The PaperCut printing allowance is now displayed in a slightly different way. Rather than appearing as a dollar amount, the print allowance is now represented by "points." One (1) point is the equivalent of $1.00.​ Currently, LTS donates 75 points to each user’s PaperCut balance at the start of the academic year. Additional points can be purchased from the library circulation desks just as PaperCut dollars were in the past.

LTS would like to thank everyone for continuing to “think before you print” in support of Lehigh’s goal to foster a sustainable campus environment.

Please see for more information on printing at Lehigh.