Faculty can now reserve Virtual Public Site seats for classes

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Library and Technology Services now offers a service that allows faculty to reserve access to Virtual Public Site (VPS) seats for classes. Reserving these seats is like reserving a computer lab for your class.

The Virtual Public Site reservation service allows faculty to reserve licenses (up to a class of 35) to have those licenses, or seats, available during class time. No other class may use the licenses during that time. The reserved VPS is designed to allow access to software during classes where students are using their own laptops or tablet devices in the classroom.

To reserve the VPS for your class, go to: http://go.lehigh.edu/vpsreservation
To access the reservation calendar to see if your requested times are available, see: http://go.lehigh.edu/vpscalendar

A link to the reservation system can also be found on the Course Site login page at http://coursesite.lehigh.edu

What is the Virtual Public Site?
The Virtual Public Site (http://lts.lehigh.edu/services/lts-virtual-computing-sites) allows users to access a Microsoft Windows computer desktop from any computer on or off-campus with a network connection. The software available for use on these desktops can be found at: http://go.lehigh.edu/vpssoftware

For more information, contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or helpdesk@lehigh.edu.