Lehigh Students Transition to Gmail

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Lehigh students will transition to Lehigh Gmail by the beginning of the spring 2014 semester. This move meets the demand for an easy-to-use, secure, feature-rich email service with expanded storage capabilities. Lehigh Gmail replaces Lehigh Webmail (IMP), an open source email system Lehigh has used for over ten years. The Student Senate and Graduate Student Senate have endorsed this transition and approximately 1,200 students have already transitioned to Lehigh Gmail. Please note the following:

  • • Lehigh faculty and staff are welcome to migrate to Gmail, but it is not required.
  • • This change in student email platform will not affect faculty communication with students.
  • • Email addresses will not change as a result of this upgrade.
  • • Email accounts will automatically be upgraded during winter break.
  • • Email can be accessed via the Campus Portal both during and after the upgrade.

During the migration, old email messages may temporarily be unavailable while they are being moved to Lehigh Gmail. Any new incoming messages will immediately be available in your Inbox. More information, including an option to upgrade right now, is available by going to https://lehigh.edu/lem or by logging into the Campus Portal and clicking “Student Lehigh Gmail Information” under the Personal Announcements channel. Students will need to reconfigure their smartphone devices; instructions located here: iPhone or Android. Some key features of Lehigh Gmail:

  • • Storage: Lehigh Gmail offers 30gb of storage; thirty times more storage space than current Lehigh email.
  • • Reduced SPAM: Lehigh Gmail’s SPAM filter virtually eliminates SPAM.
  • • Unified contacts: You will now have a single address book - your Google Contacts.
  • • Powerful search tools: Lehigh Gmail features built-in Google search. Reliable search eliminates the need to create elaborate folder structures.
  • • Integration with Google Drive: You can attach files stored within your Google Drive.

The LTS Help Desk (610-758-4357) can assist you with any questions or issues concerning this transition. Enjoy the Lehigh Gmail experience!