Celebrating Earth Week: Power down for the environment and security

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Earth week logo with a globe displayed

Library & Technology Services, in conjunction with Lehigh's Office of Sustainability request that faculty and staff turn off computers, screens, and peripheral devices when leaving the campus at the end of each day.

Lehigh University owns approximately 2,500 computers used by faculty and staff. By turning these systems off during nights and weekends, Lehigh can prevent nearly 904 metric tons of needless greenhouse gas emissions each year and save over $72,000.

There is another added bonus to turning off PCs when not in use: many security patches and updates cannot be automatically applied to your computer until the system is rebooted. Powering off your computer on a regular basis will allow these updates to install more quickly. This will help protect your computer from malware and viruses.

We understand that for a variety of reasons not every computer can be powered off at night. It is our hope, however, that you will join us in powering down as many devices as possible.