"Women of Bethlehem Steel" Mellon Digital Humanities Initiative-funded project completed

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Principal Investigators Julia Maserjian, Digital Scholarship Manager, and Seth Moglen, Associate Professor of English, recently completed a Lehigh Mellon Digital Humanities Initiative-funded project that tells the story of the women who worked at Bethlehem Steel Corporation from the mid-20th century through the sale and closure of the company in 2003. The Women of Bethlehem Steel collection contains oral histories that represent a variety of experiences – from office workers to the women on the male dominated shop floor. Also housed in this collection are photos of women at work and portraits of former employees.

A component of the grant enabled us to bring a new tool to campus. For this project, Digital Scholarship Specialist Rob Weidman oversaw the implementation of OHMS (Oral History Metadata Synchronizer). OHMS provides users enhanced search capability, time correlated transcripts, and an index that corresponds to exact moments within recordings. See this link for an example of the tool’s functionality.

The Women of Bethlehem Steel is the result of a partnership between Lehigh University and Steelworkers’ Archives. Additional support for the project was provided by Lehigh’s South Side Initiative.