2016 LTS Client Satisfaction Survey Initial Report

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In the Spring of 2016, Library and Technology Services (LTS) engaged an external consultant company, MOR Associates, to perform an independent assessment of client satisfaction for the services provided by LTS. MOR Associates was chosen to ensure confidentiality and objectivity. MOR had previously done satisfaction surveys for MIT, Stanford, Penn State, and numerous other schools which allowed us to do a limited degree of informal benchmarking against these institutions. It was interesting to see that in most cases LTS satisfaction ratings were higher than these comparable institutions.

Results Summary

The MOR Associate consultant, Christopher Paquette, provided this summary analysis of the results:

The average rating for all questions with 100 or more responses was 4.96. We would typically define 4.75 as a high score when using a six-point scale. As a point of direct comparison, in a similar survey at Stanford, their faculty gave an average rating of 4.56 while Lehigh’s faculty gave an average rating of 4.89. In the case of staff, Stanford’s staff average was 4.81 versus Lehigh’s 5.16.

The full results of the survey with open-ended comments omitted are available (login required). For convenience, some of the key elements of the survey analysis are:

  • Response rates - There was a 29% response rate overall with the breakdown as follows: 38% faculty, 30% graduate students, 15% undergraduate students, and 53% staff.
  • The vast majority of the survey consisted of satisfaction questions that employed a six-point scale ranging from 1= very dissatisfied to 6=very satisfied.
  • Ten highest-rated items with 100 or more responses
    Mean % somewhat satisfied % satisfied or very satisfied
    LTS Staff - courteous & friendly 5.37 8 81
    LTS Consultant or Librarian satisfaction 5.34 8 87
    Lehigh Google Drive 5.34 9 88
    Lehigh Gmail 5.33 9 87
    Library Circulation Desk/Access Services 5.32 10 85
    Thunderbird functionality 5.29 9 86
    Google Calendar 5.28 11 61
    Linderman Library - physical spaces 5.28 7 71
    LTS Staff - knowledgeable 5.21 10 77
    I: drive storage 5.21 9 84
    Ten lowest-rated items with 100 or more responses
    Mean % somewhat satisfied % satisfied or very satisfied
    Availability of Technology-enhanced Spaces 4.66 25 53
    Wireless Network Speeds 4.66 20 64
    LTS Webpages: Searching 4.65 19 52
    Degree Audit: Overall experience 4.64 21 64
    Public Site Printing 4.62 18 58
    Course Site: Tools, Ease of Use, and Support 4.61 24 62
    Wireless availability & reliability 4.57 18 58
    LTS Webpages - organization 4.56 20 50
    Classroom equipment reliability 4.53 19 42
    Thunderbird - SPAM filtering 4.08 27 42
    Five highest-rated items with fewer than 100 responses
    Mean % somewhat satisfied % satisfied or very satisfied Count
    CITL as training resource 5.46 8 91 74
    LTS Telecom Techs 5.35 10 76 46
    Instructional Media Service (editing & post-production) 5.28 8 83 57
    Librarian classes as training resource 5.26 5 88 57
    Web & Video Conferencing—Zoom 5.32 17 75 51

    Next Steps for LTS

    LTS has already started to take actions based on the survey results by targeting areas that need improvement. While we are still formulating an organization wide plan, some steps are already being taken to address relative weaknesses:

  • Student response rate was low compared to other groups, and their ratings tended to be lower across all areas. Focus groups are being held this month to understand more fully student needs and concerns. Staff are meeting with Graduate and Undergraduate Student Senates. A brief, open-ended survey has been distributed to students and a marketing campaign is being implemented to encourage completion.
  • A new online program implemented this fall, “LTS Ramp Up,” introduced students to the services available through LTS.
  • The LTS Help Desk is offering expanded hours on a pilot basis this fall.
  • LTS is focusing on moving the entire campus to Google email since Google email and Google apps for Education were the highest rated items on the survey. In addition, our Information Security Office states that Google email provides Lehigh a much more secure email environment than our current legacy in-house email service.
  • To improve wired and wireless connections in the residential halls, LTS is piloting a new network architecture in Warren Square. This architecture provides for a wireless access point in each room and is connected to the building network at gigabit speeds. In addition, each access point has 3 built-in wired connections.
  • Plans for addressing these areas are forthcoming: Course Site; classroom technology; expanded wireless, and LTS Web services.
  • In the coming weeks we will continue to share progress in responding to areas in need of improvement identified in the survey results. Stay tuned!