Zoom: Next-generation web conferencing at Lehigh

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What is Zoom and why use it?

To help meet the increasing demand for easy-to-use web video conferencing and online meeting collaboration, LTS has licensed Zoom. Zoom is a web conferencing tool that can connect people across different devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.), platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.), and connections including standard telephone dial-in and support for proprietary room-based systems via standard H.323/SIP protocol.

Anyone with a Lehigh computing account can access Zoom at http://lehigh.zoom.us using a Lehigh username and password to sign in. There are two levels of accounts: Basic and Pro. Everyone automatically receives Basic-level access upon first log in. Basic access allows you to host a one-to-one meeting for an unlimited duration and a meeting with up to 50 participants for sessions lasting up to 40 minutes.

LTS has acquired a block of Pro licenses for use for meetings/sessions that will run longer than 45 minutes, or that have more than 50 participants, and/or require the ability to connect to proprietary room-based systems that support the standard H.323/SIP protocol. Since these licenses are limited in number, individuals must submit a request to the Instructional Technology team via www.lehigh.edu/help using the Instructional Technology option at least one week in advance of the session. Due to license limitations, use is subject to availability and requests are generally handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Recording sessions

Zoom has a recording feature that allows hosts to record locally to your computer or to the cloud (cloud recording available to Pro-level only). Since cloud recording space is limited, it is only available upon request. Sessions recorded to the Zoom cloud remain for a brief time, at which point, the recordings are either retrieved by or given to the host. For sessions that hosts would like to make available online post-event, the Instructional Technology team can provide assistance with moving recordings to an appropriate streaming solution.

Using Zoom for teaching and learning

Zoom offers many useful features for instructional use including screen/application sharing, remote control, granting host privileges, virtual hand-raising, polling, and live whiteboard or screen annotation. One recently added feature is Breakout Rooms. The breakout rooms feature enables the host (instructor) to break participants into groups within the Zoom session. Participants will be moved into a separate session apart from the main “room” where they can work with the subset of participants also part of that breakout room. The instructor can then bring everyone back into the main session when desired. Participants will even see a countdown timer alerting them to finish their thoughts and be ready to return to the main room.

For more information about Zoom and its features or to set up a consultation or demo, please contact the Instructional Technology team at it.team@lehigh.edu or visit Zoom’s website at http://lehigh.zoom.us