Is your research paper prize-worthy?

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The Libraries Student Research Prize will be accepting paper/project submissions soon, and winning undergraduate student writer/scholars could receive up to $1,000! You may wonder, is your paper prize-worthy?

What is the Libraries Student Research Prize?

The Prize is available to full-time undergraduates who have created a paper or project in 2016 that demonstrates excellence in scholarship and research.

I wrote a paper -- what are my chances?

Whether you’re a student scholar or an instructor that knows about an excellent student paper, you might wonder what kinds of papers win this Prize. First, check out the Library Prize criteria. In addition to thecriteria, here are some things to think about before you submit:

  • Did your paper receive an A? If not, it is unlikely to be a contender for the Prize.
  • Did your professor indicate your work was exceptional? If so, consider submitting it!
  • Did your paper incorporate ideas from other works and include a bibliography or reference list? An important criteria for this Prize is how other works are integrated into the paper, and how well those works relate to the main argument/thesis.
  • Does your paper extend beyond reviewing literature of others -- do you make unique/original assertions and back them up?
  • If you answered ‘yes’ to most or all of these questions, your paper or project may be a contender -- do submit it! Find out more about the Libraries Student Research Prize at