Media Literacy, Fake News, and Lehigh

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Faculty and staff participating in the seminar

On February 28th, the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL) presented a seminar entitled "Media Literacy, Fake News, and Lehigh". During this event librarians Carrie Baldwin-SoRelle and Heather Simoneau discussed opportunities for integrating media literacy skills into instruction and assignments.

Presenters briefed the participants on the status of media literacy nationally and among incoming Lehigh students. Faculty and librarians then discussed media literacy issues they identified among their students. The session also examined parallels between evaluating fake news and critically examining academic sources, both research skills that Lehigh expects students to develop and improve throughout the course of their education. The group, with assistance from librarians, developed exercises that could be integrated into existing course content and that would encourage students to practice specific skills of identifying reliable sources, evaluating information credibility, and determining bias.

A resource guide with example exercises for faculty and instructors is available at