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On display in EWFM Library: Paintings by Amelia Galgon, '17

painting of a female face with the light falling on the right side of the face and the left side of the face in shadow.

Amelia Galgon, ’17, is hosting a reception for her senior art show on Tuesday, May 2nd in the fifth floor south study area of the E.W. Fairchild-Martindale Library (EWFM).

Amelia is a senior at Lehigh studying Computer Science and Art. She has predominantly focused on learning how to use paint as a tool to draw and capture light. Ever since her formative years, Amelia has always felt compelled to paint people. Most of her works are figurative portraits that explore notions of identity. Her most recent paintings have a strong emphasis on the portrait and show a more personal perspective of the subject. Her pieces aim to develop an intimate relationship with the subject using deliberate lines and loose strokes to bring out the essence of the subject. Her latest paintings that are to be displayed feature a handful of Lehigh students.

As Amelia explores light and form, she attempts to highlight the nuance of the human experience and the unique character of an individual. The pieces in her senior exhibition reflect a refinement of her technique of using light, color, and expressive marks to give the subject a presence in a flat space.

The works will be displayed in the fifth floor south study area of EWFM Library through the month of May.