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LTS Fall 2017 5x10 Series

5x10 blueprint

This Fall LTS will be offering sessions for First Year Students as part of the Student Affairs 5x10 program. New students can choose from a tantalizing list of events where each student attends five sessions in ten weeks. LTS is sponsoring three sessions, including a panel discussion on undergraduate research, a transcribathon (working with letters from prominent figures in U.S. history), and a workshop on media literacy and various online risks. Schedule details are:

  • 9/19/17, 4:10 PM Undergraduate Student Research
  • 10/9/17, 4:10 PM - Transcribathon
  • 10/10/17, 4:10 PM - Trust No One: Fake News, Data Thieves, and Other Digital Monsters. This is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) event.
  • More details on these and other 5x10s are available.