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Data Planet

As of summer 2017, Lehigh Libraries subscribes to Data-Planet, an extensive repository of easily searchable statistical data. Data-Planet's coverage spans across disciplines, with datasets including but not limited to the fields of Business, Health, Law, Education, and Environment.

There are two different methods of searching Data-Planet -- Ready Reference, which provides simple aggregate searching by keyword for quick navigation, and Statistical Datasets, which allows for browsing by subject area, economic indicator, or source organizations.

With Data-Planet, you are able to:

Compare datasets across time periods

Create, save, & share custom datasheets for reports and research.

Visualize data in charts, tables, graphs, and maps

Download data as needed for statistical analysis and research projects

Review our library guide for additional information, or jump right into Data-Planet to get started searching!

(Note: Off-campus access to Data-Planet will require use of the VPN.)