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Get to Know LTS: The Information Security Team

information security team members

The Information Security team is one of the five main areas within Library and Technology Services. The team is committed to protecting Lehigh University's information assets and resources through the implementation and oversight of administrative safeguards, technical safeguards, and awareness training and education.

InfoSec Team Members

Keith Hartranft - Chief Information Security Officer: Keith is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), ISACA CISM, CISA, CRISC and Payment Card Industry Internal Security Assessor (PCI-ISA) with over 25 years of Information Security and Systems Engineering experience. Keith has management responsibility for the design, development, and implementation of the information security program for Lehigh University. This includes responsibility for initiation of technical and administrative controls that include: campus wide information security policy and procedures creation, data privacy and monitoring, security and compliance assessments, training and awareness, data traffic monitoring, intrusion detection, incident response and forensic investigations, review of security strategies with risk management and legal departments, and implementation of technical defense and vulnerability assessment technology.

Keith also teaches Business Information Systems (BIS333) Enterprise Risk Management and Information Security and (BIS344) Cloud Computing for Business classes at Lehigh, and has instructed a variety of Information Security topics over the past 15 years at Northampton Community College as an Associate Professor.

Jim Vincent - Senior Information Security Analyst: Jim joined the LTS Team in 2016. He spent 25 years as a New Jersey State Trooper, retiring as a Lieutenant in the Information Technology Bureau. After retirement, he spent four years in the private sector working for companies such as Johnson & Johnson and AccessData before taking on the role of Senior Information Security Analyst in LTS. Jim specializes in computer forensics and the monitoring of the Lehigh University computing environment for suspicious and malevolent activity.

Colin Foley - Manager, Identity & Access Management: Colin joined Lehigh University in 2012 as a web application developer specializing in the Drupal CMS. He has since transitioned into an Information Security role within the Identity & Access Management (IAM) domain and is responsible for all electronic access control provisioning and monitoring at Lehigh. Colin’s focus is on ensuring appropriate access, roles, and groups are maintained for users and computing services.

Forest Crowley - Information Security Technician: Forest has been performing a wide variety of security tasks since joining Lehigh in mid-2016. Initially supporting computing accounts, he now works to actively identify and mitigate threats to Lehigh’s computer systems while advising the campus community on security concerns. He works with Colin on developing applications to manage computing accounts; and with Jim to monitor Lehigh’s systems for suspicious activity. Finally, Forest backs up Margaret’s Banner security work, and computing account support. His specialties are in vulnerability assessment and security auditing.

Kelly Decker - Library/Computing Assistant: Kelly supports departmental and visiting scholar and researcher accounts. She also plays a key role interacting with undergraduate students during biannual account cleanup processes. Her position is a bridge between the Help Desk team and the Identity & Access Management team. In addition to working with IAM and the Help Desk, Kelly also handles some administrative functions for Student Technology and Repair Services (STARS).

Margaret Petrovich - Security Coordinator: Margaret has served in the Security Coordinator position since the beginning of 2016 when she began supporting access requests for Banner. Prior to this position, Margaret was the Client Communications Coordinator and handled access requests and support solely for regular Lehigh computing accounts. She has been a steadfast fixture on the team as our primary representative working directly with users on campus. She handles the phone calls, and with Forest, the walk-ins for the Accounts Office.

The Accounts Office

Some of the Information Security staff are located in the Accounts Office. The Accounts Office is located in the E.W.F.M Computing Center in room 394. This is the room directly across from the entrance to the Computing Center. Users can come to the Accounts Office for computing account support or to receive their LIN/PIN Mailer in order to open their accounts.