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LTS 5x10s: Reaching out to first year students

This year LTS offered three 5x10 sessions to First Year Students as part of the 5x10 series sponsored by the Student Affairs Office of First Year Experience. The goal of these sessions was to introduce students to topics broadly associated with LTS services.

Undergraduates Do Research!

This session highlighted undergraduate research at Lehigh and featured a panel of four award-winning student researchers, Deanna Kocher (Presidential Scholar, '18), Delaney McCaffrey (IDEAS, '19), Kenny Honer (ChE and IBE, '20), and Brianna Ruggiero (ChBE, '18). Each presented on different research experiences that they engaged in through many Lehigh programs, including the Mountaintop Initiative, the Strohl grant, and the Clare Boothe Luce grant.

Participants learned about innovations for drywall recycling, documentary-making in Guatemala, child cognitive development and toy design, and green tire manufacturing methods.

They also received practical advice on many aspects of the research process, including:

  • Take initiative early.
  • Get to know your adviser and your professors.
  • Social sciences and humanities majors will find many opportunities!
  • Explore funding sources and recognition/awards offered at Lehigh.
  • Research experience is useful even if you aren't planning on graduate school (think: resume builder)!
  • You don't necessarily need to have a specific project in mind.


LTS hosted its third annual Transcribathon 5x10 event. In the first part of the event, students enjoyed hands-on access to the letters of significant historical figures, including Asa Packer, George Washington, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Daniel Webster, and others.

Librarians Alex Japha, ​Ilhan Citak, Lois Black, Brian Simboli, and Heather Simoneau guided students in the exploration of these historical records​, responding to questions about the language and letter-writing practices of the day, the historical significance of the documents​, and even the handwriting!

Students then went into the Linderman computer lab to work with digitized copies of the manuscripts. The students​ gained experience ​transcrib​ing portions of ​letters into Omeka, an open source web-publishing platform for the​ display of digitized library​ and archival documents and images.

Trust No One: Fake News, Data Thieves, and Other Digital Monsters

Each of us is bombarded by massive amounts of information as we go about our lives. Some of it is helpful, some of it is irrelevant, but some of it can be full of false or misleading information that may negatively impact us or others.

In this event, students played Fake News Bingo while learning from Lehigh’s information experts how to evaluate news sources, combat sketchy claims, and protect themselves from internet peril. In the discussion following the game, students shared their own practices for finding and evaluating news and other kinds of information. Winners received $5 gift certificates to the Bethlehem Cup.