Lehigh Faculty and CITL to Develop New Online Courses

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Staff in the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) are working with faculty on the development of nine new online courses to be offered by a range of academic departments during fall semester 2014.

These courses were proposed by faculty in response to a call from Provost Pat Farrell and LTS Vice Provost Bruce Taggart in early fall 2013. Based on a recommendation by the Online Learning Advisory Committee, Farrell and Taggart issued the call in order to "promote innovation in teaching and learning at Lehigh and improve our understanding of online course delivery." Faculty were invited to develop proposals that would meet some specific pedagogical, curricular, or strategic goal.

The courses under development include six offered at the undergraduate level and three offered at the graduate level.

Undergraduate Courses:

  • • "Bioethics and the Law" Professor Dena Davis (Religion Studies, CAS)
  • • "History of Science" Professor Steven Goldman (History, CAS)
  • • "Showtime's Dexter: Television as Serial Fiction" Professor Dawn Keetley (English, CAS)
  • • "Philosophy in Film" Professor Greg Reihman (Philosophy, CAS)
  • • "Mathematical Foundations in Environmental Fluid Mechanics" Professor Jerry Lennon (Civil and Environmental Engineering, RCEAS)
  • • "Mechatronic Laboratory" Professor Duke Perreira (Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, RCEAS)

Graduate Courses:

  • • "Overview of Teaching and Learning," "Instructional Design," and "Technology for Teaching and Learning" Professors Alec Bodzin, Tom Hammond, and Scott Garrigan (Teaching, Learning and Technology Program, COE)

Ilena Key, Manager of the Center's Instructional Technology Team, is coordinating the course design and development support provided by her team. "Our goal in this project is to work together with faculty to provide online classes that meet Lehigh's high standards of course quality. We also hope to improve our understanding of faculty interest in online education and prepare to support future developments in this area."

Funding and staffing support for this initiative is being provided by the Office of the Provost and Library and Technology Services (LTS).

Additional information about the work of the Online Learning Advisory Committee and the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning can be found online here: citl.lehigh.edu/node/7.