Changes in Microsoft software offered to Lehigh students

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After the Spring 2014 semester there will be changes to Microsoft campus agreement (Office and Windows) that affect how students receive software for personally-owned computers. Library and Technology Services is pleased to announce that during the summer, students will become eligible for Microsoft's Office 365 Pro Plus. Office 365 will replace the student portion of current Campus Agreement where full-time students have been entitled to a single DVD copy of MS Office purchased at the Lehigh Bookstore.

More devices, more mobility

With Office 365, Lehigh students can download and install the latest Office suite on up to five computers and on up to five mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. In the future, as part of this service there will also be access to the online versions of the Office applications along with 25GB of OneDrive for Business cloud storage space. The subscription to Office 365 will remain active as long as the student is enrolled at Lehigh. This new offering will go a long way toward meeting the needs of today's mobile computing environment.

Microsoft Office 2013, Project and Visio will be available on campus in classrooms, offices and in the public sites. Off campus access is available via the virtual public site. Students, faculty and staff may use the desktop version of the software in any of these locations.

What students need to do

Graduating Seniors

Students who have graduated or will graduate by Spring 2014 will not be eligible for the Office 365 offering. However, they will be able to keep any Microsoft software (Office and/or Windows) that was installed on their computers through the current Microsoft Campus Agreement

Returning Students

According to the terms of the current Microsoft campus agreement, returning students who installed Microsoft software (Office and/or Windows) obtained by virtue of this agreement, must uninstall it by the agreement end date (July 31, 2014). Early in July, students will receive instructions from LTS on how to access and install Office 365 and suggestions for purchasing a copy of the Windows operating system.

Comparison of Office 365 and the current Microsoft Campus Agreement

New! Office 365

Current MS Campus Agreement

Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.) installable on up to five computers and five devices including smartphones and tablets

Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.) installable on one computer

No Windows operating system upgrade available. The software may be purchased at a discount from JourneyEd and other academic retailers

One upgrade DVD to the latest MS Windows OS

Access to Office Online applications

No access available to Office Online

25GB of OneDrive for Business cloud space

No cloud space available

Questions regarding these changes can be directed to: or 610-758-HELP