Dream Catchers Exhibit

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Dream Catcher hanging in EWFM Library

Art is a defining feature of Lehigh’s landscape. Both upper and lower campuses – indoors and out – are rich with artwork, including paintings, sculptures, photographs and historic artifacts. Some displays are permanent, while others are housed temporarily in departments that open up their spaces to showcase artists’ work. Library and Technology Services is proud to host one such exhibit.

The “Dream Catchers” art installation came to the E.W. Fairchild-Martindale Library in Fall 2013. The exhibit is part of an ongoing project conceived by Lehigh’s Art, Architecture, and Design Club. The project began in 2012 when the club installed their first work of art at EWFM, a funky, multi-colored mule that stands near the entrance to the library, designed and painted by club members. Art and Architecture student and contributor Hannah Han, ’15 said the club received such positive response from students and staff that they felt it would benefit the community to keep adding installations around campus that would not only add visual aesthetics but also inspire others.

The “Dream Catchers” art project followed soon after and visitors to the library need only look up to find it. The mixed media pieces descend by string from the library ceiling to just above the Help Desk, three floors below. Materials for the project were carefully selected by the executive board members of the club and funded by LTS. Han said each dream catcher was built by an individual member of the club, students outside the club, or in collaboration between two or three friends. She added, “In addition to making the library a more beautiful, welcoming place, the club hopes that these dream catchers will inspire new, creative ideas in students’ studies.”

Visit “Dream Catchers” and get inspired! The exhibit remains on display through October, 2014.