Phishing for Phun -- winners announced

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Phishing example asking for credit card information

Over 250 faculty, staff, and students completed the Phishing for Phun phishing quiz and contest that was held in October in honor of National Security Awareness Month. Thanks to all who participated and took the quiz!
Of the quiz-takers who finished the quiz, 69% achieved perfect scores. Congratulations to Elliott Frisch and Elias Makhoul, the student and staff winners (respectively)!
The breakdown for quiz takers was:
Undergraduates, 31%
Graduate students, 11%
Faculty/exempt staff, 37%
Non-exempt staff, 21%

Why the focus on phishing?
Phishing scams represent a serious threat to everyone who reads email, and both personal and Lehigh data are at risk. When data or account credentials are compromised in a phishing attack, work can be disrupted for hours or even days, and the institutional reputation can be damaged if certain kinds of data are compromised. The Phishing for Phun quiz provides immediate feedback on your answers so that you know more about phishing when you’re done with the quiz. It will remain available at for anyone who would like to learn how to avoid phishing scams. Faculty and staff are also encouraged to take advantage of the Securing the Human training videos to learn more about computer security topics.