Friends of Libraries Honors Lehigh Faculty Authors

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The Friends of the Lehigh University Libraries honored twenty-seven Lehigh Faculty authors at its Second Annual Harvest of Ideas reception on September 12th in Linderman Libraries' Bayer Galleria. The purpose of the reception was to celebrate faculty who published or edited a book or composition in 2012. In addition to faculty honorees, the Friends also awarded Edward Gallagher the Friends of Lehigh University Libraries Service Award for his pioneering work in digital scholarship and longtime partnership to libraries. Below is the list of the faculty honorees.

Nicholas Balabkins
The 1990-91 Congressional Hearings on America’s Infrastructure
Mark Bickhard
The Psychology of Personhood: Philosophical, Historical, Social-Developmental, and Narrative Perspectives
Volkmar Dierolf
Symposium Five – Rare-Earth Doping for Advanced Materials for Photonic Applications
Lyndon Dominique
Imoinda’s Shade: Marriage and the African Woman in Eighteenth-Century British Literature, 1759-1808
Matthias Falk
Natural Inflammatory Mediators Thrombin and Endothelin Modulate Gap Junction Intercellular Communication and Cell-Cell Adhesion
Dan Frangopol
Life-Cycle and Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure Systems: Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering
Mikell Groover
Introduction to Manufacturing Processes
Richard Hertzberg & Richard Vinci
Deformation and Fracture Mechanics of Engineering Materials, 5th Edition
Donald Hillman
The Emergence of Computer Science at Lehigh University
Kenneth Kodama
Paleomagnetism of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks: Process and Interpretation
Judith Lasker
Equal Time, Equal Value: Community Currencies and Time Banking in the US
Michelle LeMaster
Brothers Born of One Mother: British-Native American Relations in the Colonial Southeast
Jack Lule
Globalization and Media: Global Village of Babel
Joseph Manzo
How to Use Microsoft Excel: The Careers in Practice Series
Monica Miller
Religion and Hip Hop
Steven Sametz
Farewell (Musical Composition)
Nada Sanders
Supply Chain Management: A Global Perspective
Arnold Spokane
Specialty Competencies in Counseling Psychology
Lloyd Steffen
Ethics and Experience: Moral Theory from Just War to Abortion
Tamas Terlaky & Frank Curtis
Modeling and Optimization: Theory and Applications: Selected Contributions from the MOPTA 2010 Conference
Samuel Weaver
The Essentials of Financial Analysis
Roslyn Weiss
Philosophers in the Republic: Plato’s Two Paradigms
Bruce Whitehouse
Migrants and Strangers in an African City: Exile, Dignity, Belonging
Ed Whitley
Teaching with the Norton Anthology of American Literature: A Guide for Instructors
Alexander Wiseman
Community Colleges Worldwide: Investigating the Global Phenomenon, and The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Education Worldwide