Open Access Week 2018: Three Steps to Open Your Research

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As scholars around the world celebrate Open Access Week 2018, join other Lehigh researchers in enabling free (and legal!) access to research through these three steps:

Enlist Your Drafts
Many journals allow you to post earlier versions of your articles to institutional repositories like our Lehigh Preserve. To make your articles available for a wider audience to read and cite, just send your manuscripts, working papers, and pre-publication drafts to the scholarly communications librarian. We’ll check the copyright status and add your work to the Lehigh Preserve.

Don’t Dump Your Data
Your datasets are an immensely valuable part of the scientific record - don’t let them die on your hard drive! Consider submitting your datasets to a data repository like the Lehigh Preserve or one of the many subject-specific research data repositories. And as you plan new projects, contact our Research Data Management team for help developing a data management plan for grant applications or finding a home for archived data.

Teach Open
Help your students escape from the overwhelming burden of textbook costs by incorporating open educational resources into your class. From textbooks to video content to syllabi, these resources are available for you to reuse, modify, and share freely. Try them out - your students will thank you!

About Open Access: Open Access is “the free, immediate, online availability of research articles, coupled with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital environment” (Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition). For more information, see Lehigh’s guide to Open Access.