Places and Spaces: Top 10 great study spots on campus

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Finding a place to do your best studying is an important part of your Lehigh success. Here you'll find some great places and spaces on campus to crack open a book or laptop, settle in, and get into your study groove during exam weeks and all year long!

photo of study spaces in the EWFM Library and building exterior

E.W Fairchild-Martindale Library is home to the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning and LTS Help Desk, with a broad mix of collaborative and innovation work spaces, classrooms, private and semi-private study nooks, group meeting rooms, and open study areas spanning five floors. Refuel during your study sessions at the Grind @ FML on the lower level or the Fud Truck, found above the outdoor patio most days of the week.

Mon-Thu:  7:45AM - 2AM
Friday:       7:45AM - 12AM
Saturday:   9AM - 12AM
Sunday:     9AM - 2AM

It's a classic! Study under the grand rotunda in Linderman Library. Enjoy quiet, semi-private nooks nestled among the stacks, meet in individual or group study rooms, or park yourself in the Reading Room on the first floor, with seating for over 100. Grab a coffee or bite to eat in Lucy's Cafe on the lower level (temporarily closed for Fall 2022).

Mon-Thu:  7:45AM - 2AM
Friday:       7:45AM - 10PM
Saturday:   9AM - 10PM
Sunday:     9AM - 2AM

photo of study spaces in Linderman Library and building exterior

photo of study spaces in the EWFM Computing Center and building exterior

The lights are always on at the EWFM Computing Center, open 24/7 during regular semesters. The Computing Center offers open study space on the first level with 12 Windows PCs, mobile whiteboards, and laptop-ready wall displays for collaborative or individual work. Grab meals on the go from a number of nearby eateries in Farrington Square or from the Grind @ FML across the patio.

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week during fall and spring semesters

Situated on South Mountain, Building C is home to the departments of Art, Architecture & Design and Computer Science, and offers both open and semi-private study spaces on both levels. Keep your energy up with light refreshments at the microcafe or from the Wood Dining Room in nearby Iacocca Hall.

Mon-Fri:  7AM - 10PM
Sat-Sun:  Closed

photo of study spaces in building C on mountaintop campus and building exterior

photo of study spaces in Maginnes Hall and building exterior

Maginnes Hall, adjacent to the Computing Center on the west, offers the use of first floor classroom space for study whenever classes are not in session. Cozy up in the second floor lobby or find quiet space to work in upper level study carrels. Stay fueled with a variety of nearby eats, including the Campus Bookstore at Farrington Square or the Fud Truck, often available for lunchtime fare Monday through Friday at the EWFM complex patio.

Mon-Fri:   7AM - 11PM
Sat-Sun:   8AM - 10PM

Find a sunny spot in the first floor galleria or crank out your assignments in the lower level computer labs in the Rauch Business Center. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Common Grounds on the 2nd level, which offers ample seating, both indoors and on the outdoor patio.

Mon-Fri:   7AM - 10PM
Sat-Sun:   8AM - 10PM

photo of study spaces in the Rauch Business Center and building exterior

photo of study spaces in the STEPS building and its exterior

The Science, Technology, Environment and Policy Studies (STEPS) building, located just above EWFM Library, hosts a number of open spaces on the first floor, with numerous individual or small group seating throughout all six floors. Watch the campus abuzz from the glass atrium facing Packer Ave. on the second level. The Fud Truk is often parked nearby for daytime grub.

Mon-Fri:  7AM - 11PM
Sat-Sun:  Closed

Wilbur Powerhouse is a 17,000 square foot creative space facility, housing computing, additive, creativity, and design labs. Get inspired and energized in its active, conversation-friendly spaces. Grab a bite to eat at Common Grounds in nearby Rauch Business Center.

Mon-Thu:  7:30AM - 7:30PM
Friday:       7:30AM - 5PM
Sat-Sun:    Closed

photo of study spaces in the Wilbur Powerhouse and its exterior

photo of study spaces in Williams Hall and its exterior

Williams Hall offers a number of study areas: The Roemmele Global Plaza is often used for university events, but students are invited to use the space whenever it's free. On the upper levels of Williams Hall, you'll find the three-season, glass-enclosed Torcivia Greenhouse and Maida Family Terrace, perfect for collaborative group work or individual study. The Global Cafe, featuring freshly-prepared cuisine from around the globe, is located on the second level.

Mon-Thu:  7AM - 10PM
Friday:       7AM - 8PM
Sat-Sun:    Closed

Cram amid creative works during Study Night at the Museum in the LUAG Lower Gallery, Zoellner Arts Center. Take breaks and roam the galleries in this unique and quiet "pop up" study space, opened for students during the first week of final exams since 2016. Free snacks, too!

Hours during finals for the LUAG Lower Gallery:
Monday 6PM - 11PM

Hours for Zoellner Arts Center:
Mon-Sun:  7AM - 12AM

photo of study spaces in the Zoellner Arts Center Art Galleries and its exterior

Know before you go!

  • Heading to a computer lab? Check availability in real time!
  • Need a loaner laptop? Request one here.
  • Kwik Boost charging stations are available in the EWFM Library (main floor north end and second floor south end) and at Linderman Library's Lucy's Cafe to keep you charged on-the-go!