Simplify assignment workflow with new Google Course Kit tool

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The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning was part of a pilot program this past spring to test Google’s new Course Kit assignment and embed tools that allow for submissions from Google drive into Course Site, seamlessly integrating Google’s popular productivity apps with Lehigh's Learning Management System (LMS).

With the Google course kit assignment tool, instructors can collect assignments created or saved on Lehigh Google Drive accounts through Course Site. Students can upload any file type saved on their official Lehigh Google Drive including MS-Word, Google Docs, Sheets, and more.

Additionally, Course Kit provides for the ability to toggle between students’ assignments, work entirely in the LMS without having to download or upload documents and give grades and add comments in the margins. The tool automatically handles the permissions issues and creates a preserved copy for the instructor at the time of submission.

Lehigh’s beta Google Course Kit team, Holly Zakos and Bobby Siegfried, and several Lehigh faculty tested Course Kit, along with over a dozen other colleges and universities as part of Google’s pilot program.

Professor Kayla Landers, an adjunct lecturer for International Center for Academic and Professional English (ICAPE) and part of the pilot group, said Course Kit’s features have streamlined the process for assignment submission, feedback, and grading.

“Prior to Course Kit, students would share assignments using Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides so that I could provide timely feedback,” she said. “However, this was more work on my end because I had to individually open each shared document, complete the feedback, and then assign a grade into Course Site.”

Landers said Course Kit saves her a lot of time and students appreciate the ease of using and submitting, as well.

Course Kit takes LMS to the next level, according to Ilena Key, Assistant Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning and Manager of the LTS Instructional Technology Consulting Team. “We’re excited to partner with Google to help test and develop innovative solutions that enrich the course management experience for both students and faculty.”

Although Course Kit is still in beta, interested faculty and instructors can use the tools immediately and provide feedback to Google on their experiences.

Visit Google Course Kit Assignments for more information and guides on using the tools for your course(s). If you would like a demo, contact a member of the Lehigh beta Google Course Kit team:

Holly Zakos ( or (610) 758-2896)
Bobby Seigfried ( or (610) 758-4103)