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Google Calendar: A new look, more features!

new google calendar interface

Google has released a new Calendar interface for Lehigh's Google domain. The new interface looks more like its mobile counterpart and offers several new features to improve calendaring efficiency.

CITL unveils new Visualization Lab

CITL visualization lab

Lehigh's highly anticipated Visualization Lab opens later this month in E.W. Fairchild-Martindale Library.

FootPrints issue tracking system upgrade on Nov. 14

On Tuesday, November 14, Library and Technology Services (LTS) will upgrade our request/issue tracking system FootPrints.

Some Public Site/Instructor Station PCs slow to start

On October 24, Library and Technology Services (LTS) began receiving reports of significantly slower-than-normal startup times on some public site computers, including classroom PCs.

LTS 5x10s: Reaching out to first year students

This year LTS offered three 5x10 sessions to First Year Students as part of the 5x10 series sponsored by the Student Affairs Office of First

Getting a foot in the door: Info Security intern gains real work experience in LTS

Vincent Pritsker

When Lehigh senior Jun-Lucas Pritsker attended an LTS email phishing workshop, he didn’t realize it was an event that would ultimately change his career path.

TRAC Fellows use One Button Studio to enhance peer learning

CITL one button studio lightboard

Online tutorials can teach us how to do just about anything-- knit a sweater, fix a broken appliance, or pick up a new language.

LTS Staff Accomplishments - Fall 2017

achievement well done

Bill Bettermann, Manager & Senior Computing Consultant, Arts & Sciences Team, and Cristina Koorie, Computing Consultant, Arts & Sciences Team, presente

Streaming videos brought to you by the Lehigh Libraries

i am not your negro kanopy

This summer the LTS Diversity and Inclusion Committee, with support from Lehigh's Council for Equity and Community, held a viewing of the film “I

A Need for Speed: Upgrade connects Lehigh’s campuses with high capacity fiber

LTS campus fiber project

Whether they’re studying cyber security, marketing analytics, bioengineering or life sciences, students, faculty, and researchers increasingly need more robust, high capacity, and high speed networ