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LTS Information Security notice: Work-from-home job scams

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A high volume of work-from-home/remote job scam emails are being sent to student, faculty, and staff accounts. We're receiving reports from students who have fallen prey to these scams.

Lehigh to host seminar on GDPR and Data Privacy Compliance, Thursday, Mar 22

As a part of the LVAIC IT Learning Series, Lehig

Securing the Human: E-security training

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Information security is not just for techies! At home and at work, we all need to be aware of our responsibility to ensure the privacy and protection of information resources and systems.

LTS Information Security Update - Review your security questions and social media settings

Over the past three months, cyber attacks that target password resetting have increased dramatically. These attacks use your account’s security questions to trigger a password reset.

LTS Information Security Update - Change passwords for LinkedIn, Tumblr, and MySpace

Recently, account information for over 500 million users from accounts at LinkedIn, MySpace, and Tumblr were discovered on the “dark web” and Pastebin bulletin board.